Harrietsham History Society


next meeting Tuesday 21st January 2019


Events 2017 - 2018



21st May - Speaker James Dickinson - Edward ii and the She Devil

20th June - Visit to Chislehurst Caves

16th July - Speaker Steve Hookins - Bits that don't fit

No Meeting in August

17th September - Speaker Patsy Erskine-Hill Georgian Ladies (Polite and not so Polite)

15th October - Speaker Stephen Prickett - Arden of Faversham: A Murder Story

17th November - Big Band Night Ticket Event Big Band Night Flier

20th November - Joint meeting with Gardening Society Speaker Stephen Harmer - The English Landscape Movement and its Gardens.

3rd December - Christmas Social


21st January - Speaker Ian Porter - The Kray Twins

18th February - Workshop Evening

18th March - Speaker Frank Turner - Chatham Submarines

15th April - AGM




Please see main collection for past events


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