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Would you like to learn about Harrietsham's local history, find out how to join and when our next meeting is to be held. Read our newsletters and find out what exciting things we have discovered nestling in a villager's attic. Visit our catalogue of images, documents and oral archive. (main collection button at bottom of page)

Our 2nd book, entitled 'The Lost Lives of Harrietsham 1914 - 1918' is now available this endeavours to tell the stories of the people from Harrietsham who volunteered to serve King and Country in WW1 and who paid the ultimate price with their lives. Copies of the book priced at £10.00 can be obtained by telephone 01622 851075 or by email to info@harrietshamhistorysociety.org


Next meeting: Monday 18th February 2019 - Workshop Evening to sort out archive material.

Historical Harrietsham Fairbourne Mill Historical Harrietsham The Roebuck Inn Historical Harrietsham Ye Wayfarers Shoppe Historical Harrietsham Dial House Historical Harrietsham Old Bell Farm Historical Harrietsham Almshouses Historical Harrietsham Old School Historical Harrietsham Boat House Historical Harrietsham Church of St John the Baptist Historical Harrietsham Stede Court

Images from our photograph and postcard collection – from left to right

Approaching Harrietsham from the South, you pass Fairborne Mill (1) with its accompanying house and Oast and come to the village centre at The Roebuck Inn (2). Where the Indian Restaurant now stands there used to be Ye Wayfarers Shoppe (3). Turning right into East Street you will see Dial House (4) on the left, Old Bell Farm (5) on the right and beyond it the Almshouses (6). Walk up Rectory Lane to the A20 and opposite is the Old School (7). Go up Church Road to the Lakes turning left into Woodlands Walk for a fine view of the Boat House (8): Then follow the road round to the Church of St John the Baptist (9) before taking the footpath cutting up across the fields behind, to reach Pilgrims Way above which stands Stede Court (10).


Harrietsham Village Sign
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